Visualise your company’s algorithm

To be able to successfully plan your company activities it is vital to know how your company works — in reality. And then plan according to those realities.

Many companies make their planning in silo’s and use the data sets that belong to each and every silo — Finance has their financial budget, S&OP har their own plan, HR a third etc.

The challenge with this is that the business is run horizontally — not vertically. As an example, you buy a flight ticket, you choose from the variety of suppliers of flight service companies, here the marketing silo is in play. Next you enter into the sales silo, then actually buying the ticket in the internet system (IT silo) and your chair booking influences the supply chain silo, how many people the company need to employ to take care of demand in the HR silo, and finally the money comes into the finance silo. A horizontal movement in a siloed structure.

Model showing how to visualise your company’s algorithm

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Peter Bertilsson

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The secret sauce in The Business logic is different from company to company and needs to be deciphered into a living algorithm that keeps changing with the changes the world puts in front of the business; from pandemics to changes in the currency rates.

This is what Bluesprint is doing, helping companies plan both the strategy and execution in a horizontal way — Connected Planning.

Bluesprint assists your company to take the step from using paper maps in the planning to using GPS that correspond to the actuality that influences the do’s and don’ts in real time. To go from yearly budgeting (paper map) to dynamic planning where new events and conditions are put into the algorithm.

To help customers doing this, Bluesprint offer the services of Anaplan that we think is the only platform that really creates this real time, digital reflection of the nuances of how a business actually operates and how that operation translates into the business’ ultimate financial performance. This is the only real time system for doing the full horizontal planning exercise, that we think is crucial to achieve the best performance possible for our customers.

Most of the time we start working with one of the silo’s planning activities and then move onto the next silo, one by one to come to Connected Planning where all business areas share the same data and planning perspective.


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