Price simulation and calculation for Vectura

Business Function: Price Calculation

Industry: Logistics

Revenue: 260 m NOK

Employees: 170

With Bluesprint and Anaplan, Vectura has replaced a cumbersome and time-consuming Excel regime.

About Vectura AS

Vectura AS is Norway’s leading logistics company for alcoholic beverages. It delivers a complete value chain that takes care of the flow of goods from more than 40 countries. Annually well over 50 million units are distributed to Vinmonopolet's stores, Horeca, wholesalers and the tax-free segment.

Vectura is part of Arcus ASA, the leading Norwegian and Nordic spirits trader with subsidiaries in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Germany. Vectura is responsible for the logistics part; transporting beer, wine and spirits in large quantities to all 334 wine monopolies.

Price simulation and calculation

Approximately 52-53 per cent of the sales at Vinmonopolet in Norway go through Vectura. All importers and agents who have Vectura as a logistics partner use Anaplan to simulate, calculate and sign up for prices. Importers have the opportunity to adjust their prices three times a year based on changes in the alcohol tax and the profit. Prices are sent to Vinmonopolet. Such large volumes requires overview and clear structure.


Vectura was early to understand the value of Connected Planning and used Anaplan to replace Excel, resulting in smarter, faster, and more agile methods. We started a collaboration with Vectura already in 2014.

Vectura’s services include purchasing and purchasing solutions, warehouse operations, transportation, sales, and information logistics. To facilitate the handling of large calculations as Vectura does, often with very small margins, it is important to have a tool that simplifies the process.

How Bluesprint assisted

With Bluesprint and Anaplan, the company has replaced a cumbersome and time-consuming Excel regime. Using Excel for organizing and processing the datasets and for the mass calculation of articles led to innumerable mistakes. This created major challenges and exposed Vectura to considerable risk. Anaplan simplifies and streamlines the mass calculations and automatically exchanges data with SAP. This has vastly improved planning reliability.

“With Anaplan’s connected planning platform, we have increased control in the form of a better overview, transparency and agility”

Jan Erik Gresaker, Controller Vectura As

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