Financial planning – rolling forecast for Voice Norge

Business Function: FP & A

Industry: Fashion - Retail

Revenue: 1,6 bn NOK

Employees: 1.300

Financial planning – Rolling Forecast for one of Norway’s largest fashion companies.


Voice is one of Norway’s most prominent fashion companies in the Norwegian market in recent years. Voice is a house with a fully integrated value chain with everything from product development and design to sales and shop under one roof. The company produces its own brands sold to customers through their chains, Match, Vic, and Boys of Europe.

Voice chose Anaplan in the interest of the following needs:

  • Ensure that the company’s strategic targets are reflected in sales and operational planning, balancing short- and long-term goals.
  • Balancing supply and demand.
  • Keep up with today’s requirements for speed.
  • Increase agility and transparency.


How we assisted

We have tailored the Anaplan platform to the company’s needs covering Rolling Forecast, simulation, estimation, and budgeting. Voice has become more adaptable, flexible, and “speedy”. Information is shared throughout the organization and this has enabled the employees to act faster. The company can create contingency plans for different potential outcomes, using Anaplan for scenario planning, stress-testing plans, and forecasts. This enables faster and smarter decision-making. Keeping up with the market’s “need for speed” gives a competitive edge.

Streamlined financial processes

  • The budget process now only takes a couple of weeks instead of for example up to five months. Also, the business controlling team can now quickly respond to business needs when they arise instead of using 2-3 days of work in Excel. These are just some examples of value Connected Planning has for the company.

“Reforcasting my entire P&L this week would have taken two days before. With Anaplan it only took one hour”

Bjørn Unnerud, CFO Voice, Norway’s leading fashion company

Read how Voice uses Anaplan to handle the unexpected during the corona crisis.

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