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Performance data from the past provides useful insight, but managers quickly ask, “What should we do going forward?”

New business solution opportunities

Anaplan is a cloud-based company helping global enterprises organize business performance. The software has many strengths:

• It is responsive and fast (calculations and uploads)
• It has possibility of customization (not modification), easy to adapt the business model and planning needs
• It has the supplier’s innovation and strategic roadmap
• It gives opportunity to start small, come up with solutions quickly
• It has a competitive price and ongoing opportunity to scale licenses

The Anaplan Connected Planning platform provides your company with many new business solution opportunities. We in Bluesprint are keen to communicate what options exist and implement these solutions based on your company's specific needs.The system breaks down the organizational silos. By connecting all business domains, you enable a steady and constant planning management process and the opportunity to get a more comprehensive performance picture.


Planning to rock?

Today we have customers in various industries utilizing the platform to meet their business needs. Give the green light to Bluesprint’s solution architects and let us show you the power of Connected Planning.

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“Without Anaplan, I would never have been able to deliver all the forecasts requested during the corona crisis”

Martin Calderon, Head of FP&A at Benify

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