Project Description

Voice Norge AS is a leading company in Norwegian fashion and textile trade.

The company had sales in 2017 of just under NOK 2 billion out of the store. In total, Voice has 240 stores in Match, VIC, Boys of Europe and Jean Paul, and more than 1500 employees. Voice was established in 1988 and is owned by the investment company ON Sunde AS.

Voice has a fully integrated value chain and designs itself collections for 11 own brands, which make up 80% of the company’s total turnover. The spearhead is the Jean Paul brand, which is Norway’s largest clothing brand with sales out of shops of more than NOK 500 million. In addition, Voice develops brands Va Vite, Henry Choice, Mario Conti, Marie Philippe, Blu, Redford, Donna, Made by Monkeys, Wos Not Wos and Alvo.

Voice Norway’s head office is located at Sagene, in the heart of Oslo.