How Axis Communications took Connected Planning in-house

Financial Planning Controller and Anaplan Model Builder Olle Johansson started working at  Axis Communications's Swedish department 3 years ago. As part of the Finance department, he is responsible for developing Axis Communications’ Financial Planning processes.

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How did you get into the Connected planning industry?

— I have an MSc in Business Administration, so my interest from the beginning has always been to identify what drives value for a company and how it can be managed. I started at Axis as a Model Builder for the Anaplan Connected Planning platform, which is a lot about change management and development of our planning processes. Anaplan is a catalyst for that in a good way. Working as a Model Builder, I have become increasingly interested in developing planning processes and how you can gather data in one system and use it in a more innovative way for improved management.

Olle Johansson

Model Builder at Axis Communications

Model Builder at Axis Communications

Any advice on how to become independent and take Connected Planning in-house?

— When I started at Axis, we were in the middle of an implementation and had a very “hands-on-approach”. This helped me to quickly learn about the Anaplan implementation process.

— Bluesprint’s CEO David Hagetoft played a very important role.  Working side by side with such an experienced person as David, was great to help me get started and become more independent as a Model Builder.

Besides having Bluesprint as a mentor, what other resources exist for those who want to learn how to master the tool?

— Anaplan has an excellent community with a lot of information and support of which you can take advantage. This is a great source to learn to master the Anaplan platform, get into the modeling process and learn the unlimited possibilities it offers.

What role has Bluesprint played in your Connected Planning journey?

— Bluesprint has played a vital role for us when we have chosen to lift several processes into the system. Even though we are mainly independent in our development, it is good to have a partner. Having experts help us is a way to assure the quality our implementations. Bluesprint has played a vital role, especially when launching new processes in Anaplan. It is also a way to accelerate the development and quickly get solutions in place.

What is the most fun part of your job?

— Working as a Model Builder is an exciting approach involving business management, which I am particularly interested in, and the development of creative solutions that can facilitate this.

Have you made any mistakes along the way that you have learned from?

— The experience I have gained over the years is not to underestimate the preparatory work. It is essential to build an implementation methodology that works and to involve the right people. Creating user-stories is an important part of this process for a successful implementation. It is vital not to underestimate these parts.

Finally, how would you describe Connected Planning?

— Connected Planning is not to see the planning process as an “individual” activity. It can be easy to think in “your own bubble” about Financial Planning, but it has very clear links to other departments. With Connected Planning, we can draw value from each other within the company, and Anaplan helps us with that. This is an area that we in Axis will continue to focus on in the future. We see Anaplan as a very good tool to enable this for us.

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