Data Hub Best Practise

So you think you have amazing data quality?
You’re probably wrong!


— 99% of our customers think they do, and in 99% of the cases they turn out to be wrong, says Bluesprint planning specialist Philipp Erkinger.

As a planning rockstar, he has long experience with — and knowledge of — implementation of the Anaplan software. Having organized data is an important part of the process of developing a well-functional, agile and user-friendly platform.

Philipp Erkinger

Planning Specialist Supply Chain / Connected Planning
+46 73 421 27 82

Philipp Erkinger

— In Bluesprint, we believe that master data and transactional information needs to be a core focus in any Anaplan implementation.

Having a Data Hub is critical for successfully linking your company’s plans together in one system. Therefore, Bluesprint always implements a Data Hub during the first implementation at a new Anaplan customer.

— This way customers can easily understand, manage and own their data. This is important to maintain usability and effectiveness.

Many of our current customers used Excel to organize and process datasets before transitioning to Anaplan. Excel mostly works well on a smaller scale. However, when the organization and the size of datasets grows it can become cluttered, time consuming and prone to errors.

—Anaplan provides better control. It is a solid solution that simplifies and streamlines the company organization.

Erkinger has helped to kickstart many customers’ connected planning journey.

— It is always a joy to see companies embark on their connected planning journey, see how companies use Anaplan in different ways, and to be allowed to participate in the software development.

Three benefits of acquiring Anaplan and data hub

1   Structured data management

2   User friendly interface

3   Scalable

DATA HUB — Don’t let bad data define your business!

The Principle

The Anaplan data hub is the heart-beat of your business planning process.

It hosts the master data of your models and supplies all your planning & reporting processes with the right information.

Best Practises

  • Data Quality monitoring is in place, empowering data owners to take control
  • Transactional data is well defined, mapped and quality is continuously monitored.
  • Ownership for master data is structurally organised and active management processes are implemented.



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