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Reach your company’s strategic targets through smarter ­operational planning

Faster decisions on a better basis

Connected Planning is about creating improved collaboration to achieve better planning processes. This is done by associating people, data and plans together in one software system.

Bluesprint is the leading Anaplan consultancy and implementation partner in the Nordic Region. Anaplan software gives those involved in a project access to the same details and plans. Sharing a common general understanding and knowledge of ongoing tasks within disciplines such as sales, human resources and supply, your company’s teams can collaborate better by working from the same strategic roadmap.

Accelerate business performance

Anaplan is of one of the world’s fastest growing, cloud-based “planning software” companies. Anaplan’s flexible Connected Planning solution allows for quick modification and the opportunity to optimize for future performance. The possibility to adjust plans on the go helps your business shift focus from consolidation of data to analyzing and determining risks.

Working with forward looking data — instead of looking backwards — enables you to navigate better in the complex business environment, prepare for the unexpected and accelerate business performance to reach targets faster.

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“Reforcasting my entire P&L this week would have taken two days before. With Anaplan it only took one hour”

Bjørn Unnerud, CFO Voice, Norway’s leading fashion company

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