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Bluesprint is the leading consultant and implementation partner in the Nordic Region of one of the fastest growing global cloud-based planning software companies - Anaplan.

To ensure long-term success it is crucial for your company to understand how to obtain the most value from your data. Bluesprint empower improved cross-departemental collaboration across disciplines such as sales, human resources and supply by connecting people, processes and technologies. We implement the business planning software based on your companies intended user areas.

Broader insight into today and tomorrow

With Covid-19 companies are faced with new challenges that require smarter and faster decision making more than ever. Connecting your business domains through continuous information integration empowers your teams to drive data-driven decisions about spending and prepare for the unexpected. Extended Planning and Analysis (XP&A) or Connected Planning, gives you a broader insight into today and thus tomorrow, which of course has clear advantages in the ever-changing and increasingly complicated business world in the years to come.

connected planning honeycombe

“Reforcasting my entire P&L this week would have taken two days before. With Anaplan it only took one hour”

Bjørn Unnerud, CFO Voice, Norway’s leading fashion company

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